Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 272 - this feels familiar

2.35 in 26:22.  This is the anonymous run.  This is actually the typical run.  This is the run that has happened every day this year so far.  Characteristics?  Painful - heels/shins mosly.  At night in the dark.  Cold.  Hit a rock on the trail and nearly bit it - multiple times.  And I'm done.

Day 271 - Mmmm hashbrowns

OK my calves are hash.    Isn't that nice?  3.0 in 35:30 on the "loop."  I need six more miles in the next two days to make this a true "September to remember." (beating my highest mileage for a month...)

Day 270 - I'm a Yes Man!

5k in 27:48.  Yes I set a land speed record.  Yes I nearly melted the soles of my shoes.  (The treadmill actually does heat up the bottoms of my shoes..)  Yes I was under 9 minutes/mile pace.  Yes, yes, and yes.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 269 - The Turtleboys count the turtles

My sons ran with me today.  I'm not sure how long it took, but I didn't stop so it counts!  One lawn that we pass has these ceramic turtles scattered across the artificial turf they have for a lawn.  The middle son likes to count the turtles and be a cowboy.  Thus we came up with the new term of Turtleboy.  Running with them is way more fun.

1.0 in a lot.

Day 268 - Under the Mendoza line

OK yeah about that average thing....1.0 in 11:35.

Day 267 - Back in Black

Right so everything is hurting from last week.  Lower back especially.  Going to rest for a bit and take it easy.  Somethimes running slow seems to hurt more?  1.0 in 12:32

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Week 38 - 2.0 and ready to go

Mileage; 30.01
Time: 335:36
Avg Miles: 4.29
Avg Time: 47:56
Avg Pace: 11:10
Progressing Avg miles: 2.04!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Total mileage: 541.54
Total time: 6043:13  Over 100 hours
Total Avg time: 22:43
Total Avg pace: 11:09

Year long projections: 
    mileage:  745.13
    time: 8315:06

So breaking the 2 mile/day average is pretty exciting for me.  Looking back, the average after week one was 1.21  Over the last twenty weeks I brought it up .25 miles /day in ten weeks, twice.    Laws of averages make that pretty interesting.  Have to overcome all those weeks  (17) were I ran less than the two hours I ran in one day a few days back.  Time to set a new goal, and maintain this one of course.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 266 - Centurions

100 Days to go...the countdown is on.  The poll results are in and they say keep running, but who believes polls anyways?  :)  I started off wanting to run one mile and stop, then it became 2.35 (complete a longer loop) then it was run another mile, then it was get to thirty for the week...3.85 in 47:49 and I was hurting.  Back is sore, most likely from overuse.  Hamstrings are tight and pulling things out of whack. Gonna take it easy today, yeah right.  30.01 for the week, 100 days to go...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 265 - Have you ever wondered?

So after my run today, I was trying to figure out why I would do something like that?  What would actually motivate me to run for two hours?  I'm not exactly training for a race or anything noble like that.  My goal of 366 days is not affected whether I run one mile or eleven.  I'm not fast or pretty to look at while running.  I'm not going to make 1000 miles for the year  So why bother?  My wifey made some interesting comments on the whole runner thing, I encouraged her to write them down.  Much of it made sense.  I can relate to the whole "fooling yourself in to running farther."  Does anyone else ever do the whole, 

"yeah just one more mile, then we stop, thats all we have to do, just one more mile then its over, ok we just finished, well now its only a few more miles to go, you might as well just do one more mile, just 10-11-12 - ha minutes to go, you can run 10 minutes right? 10 minutes, you can crawl 10 minutes, just do that much and then we'll quit, we'll take a break, stop running, maybe we'll be done for good, this is it just ten more minutes....(continue for two hours)"

  I do have a desire to improve, to get better, to make each outing a little bit faster/longer/stylistic-ha than the one before.  I guess that is it, and I guess I've gotten into a little bit of a habit.  Not that I like it, lets not go crazy or anything, but I did finish...I'd like to do that more often, and this year, I have!

11.01 miles in 1:59:10.

Day 264 24 hr drive-through

2.3 in 28:47.  Nice and easy, and not just the hair care product.  In the dark, still warm enough to not be bundled up which is nice.  Running on the dirt/trail/broken ground in the dark can be interesting and offer up unseen surprises, but then there is no one to see you trip and stumble repeatedly...

Day 263 - ctrl-c, ctrl-v

Copy and paste for those who don't like keyboard shortcuts like me.  4.5 miles along the "trail" near the "creek" past the site of my ignominious squatting...Today I felt slow.  Especially when some dooood came up behind me and smoked me, then stopped, took off his shoe, started a fire, had a barbeque, invited some friends, danced the night away, cleaned up, put his shoe back on and continued running, all before I caught up with him.  You know, at least the shoe part.  Time was slow 51?  Running with my doooods is the best.  I think I should run all my miles with them.  This time I was an American prisoner and they were the Redcoats.  When I said I wouldn't desert and join the British army they just shot me.  lol.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 262 - Mirrors and Introspection

I looked at myself running today.  I think it's better that I don't.  Sometimes self-delusion is comfortable.  I would rather imagine that I look like the aforementioned Edwin Moses (aforementioned in previous posts and pics) with my feet barely touching the ground as I glide across the miles, rather than a profusely sweating, stumbling, bumbling, dood who is pounding the treadmill into an early death.  2.0 miles in 21:00 minutes.

Day 261 - Hominy and Grits

For some reason I get it into my head that every day I should have boundless energy, be in perfect condition, and feel like I'm moving faster than the speed of deep fried grits at the buffet at Cracker Barrel, instead of being beat down, exhausted by the day's events and relegated to waddling.  4.5 miles in 48:47.  First four in about 42, next half with my two boys in almost seven minutes.  But that includes time to explore strange looking lawn ornaments in yards that we passed....its the best!

Day 260 - chasing the triplets

So I am closing in on those three digits, three digits which will slowly be whittled down to two.  As in the number of digits in days remaining.  106 at the present time, thanks to the foul Leap Year!  Wretched Feb 29th be gone!  Anyways, ran 2.0 miles in 18:54 at the gymnos.  Felt pretty good, hey for at least one day I'm on track for the 2-5-2-5-2-12-2 =30 mile week.  We'll take it.  You know, the royal "We" of me, myself, and I.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week 37 - the week of the 8' furry banana

For an explanation of the title, see the previous post.

Mileage: 23.2
Time: 241:12
Avg mileage: 3.31
Avg time: 34:27
Avg pace: 10:23
Progressing avg miles: 1.975019

Year long totals:  
Total miles: 511.53
Total average time:22:02
Total average pace:  11:09

Year long projections
Mileage: 722.85707
Time: 8065:35

10:23 average pace is smokin'! You know for the dude who's packing an extra kilo or fifty...Broke the 500 mile mark which is nice, and I am oh so achingly close to that hallowed two miles / day average.  It has taken a long time to get it this close.  If I have another decent week we should hit borrow a line, waddle on...

Day 259 - put another log on the fire

OK so I thought I should probably give a little more detail in the title heading besides thenumber of the day.  Of course this suggests that there is some sort of variety or distinction in the post itself, which of course there is little.  And being the sardonic, wry, obtuse individual that I am, there will likely wind up being very little correlation between the title and post anyway.  All that to say that put another log on the fire has nothing to do with running two miles in 18:50 other than perhaps the metaphorical sense of igniting an enormous bonfire of athleticism through another daily run.  This bonfire grows with leaps and bounds, the tongues of flame incessantly reaching and striving to consume more and more fuel, as the immolation itself reaches to the stars in a futile act of combustion.  /end fruity metaphor text.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 258

Right so, it was supposed to be twelve, but it wasn't. It was supposed to get me to 30 miles and it didn't. It was supposed to be fun and it was far from it. However it is done, and I'm glad. Ten miles in 1:49 which was pretty good for me. I didn't get to leaving in time to run the twelve though I don't know if my motivation would have gotten me there. My eleven miles a couple of weeks ago was in 2:16 so I feel pretty good about the time. The day before I tweaked my hamstring and I could feel it pulling somewhat today so that isn't the most fun news, but we shall see how far things go.

p.s. I hit 500 miles for the year....

Day 257

Insert typical post about not having time to run and only getting in one mile late at night. OK done.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 256

Early morning run today on the tail end of the torrential downpour which has lasted through the night.  Not too cold, but still raining and water everywhere.  If I had time I would have gone down to the trail and creek and see how much water has gone through.  Instead just 2.2 in 22:34.  Its good to be crazy which is the word that would describe the looks I got while running.  

Day 255

So the plan this is week was 2, 5, 2, 5, 12, 2, 2.  With two miles in 19:15 (yeah I know, smoking hawt) I am one mile behind the plan.  Finished the last mile in about nine minutes.  I'm trying to get my base tempo up to at least 6mph 10 minutes/mile.  We shall see.

Day 254

Just your average everyday five miler today.  You know, because I can...50:14.  Getting the pace up again.  Watched the almost end of Red Sox - Tampa Bay.....

Day 253

OK so for some reason it wasn't until today, that I remember I'm part of this silly running in September challenge.  When you're trying to have the most miles of any month, its always a good idea to run barely 12...I of course had these thoughts after I ran one mile in 11 minutes today.  I kind of am planning to try and do a 30 mile week this week, we shall see.  I'm one mile behind already...

Week 36 Totals

Mileage: 12.5
Time: 144:50
Avg miles: 1.79
Avg time: 20:41

Yeah this was not a good start to the very prestigious, illustrious competition I am now a part of...

Day 252

Well things have not started well.  I got a little redemption today to somewhat salvage the week.  Ran four miles in forty eight minutes.  It was a tough uphill course and I didn't have much energy.  Late night of course, fog and waves of cascading drizzle were my only companions.  At least it was more than one mile.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 251

Yeah I know you're going to be shocked.  Brace yourself.  Seriously sit down right now.  I ran 1.1 miles in 12:30.  I know, amazing isn't it.  And I waited until 11:30pm at night!  Shocking really.  Hey did I mention I love running in forty mile per hour wind?  Its great.  Right.  Who am I?  What am I doing?  

Oh yeah I signed up for a mileage contest, ROFL.  Perfect timing.  8.35 miles this week so far, worries.

I'm on the elite list.  I think I'd better go find my shoes.

Day 250

So yeah huge milestone day, uncorked a huge run, right? World record?  What's that?  No, so it was at least ten miles ri--not ten miles, so a nice tempo run more than, ok well a speedy maintenance run, you're showing off your spe--one mile?  in over 14 minutes? uhh ok.  Hey guys tell the band to go home? yeah no, we won't be needing them today, yeah it's all cancelled...

Day 249

So I might as well copy the post from yesterday and paste it in today.  One mile in 10:20.  Stopped at the gym, was wearing the old shoes, so the shins are a little sore, but jumped on the treadmill and got in exactly one mile.  Not more, not less.  This is great.  The rationalizations are flying.  Well these short days will allow me to really crank a long one out tomorrow.  Yeah right.  I've been saying that for several days now.  
Rando thought, isn't it weird to watch other people type on their laptops?  Especially in a public place?  It sort of seems voyeuristic, like you shouldn't be watching...

Day 248

OK so the week is not going well.  It is late at night and I haven't run.  thus I run a mile in 11:30 and call it quits.  Tired, fatigued, unmotivated, its getting cold, have I whined enough yet?  Am I still really running?  It doesn't feel like it.  Today was supposed to be five miles, ha.  

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 247

Well I was thinking about getting in five, but time flew by again.  The motivation is lagging a bit at the present time.  It goes in cycles as most things do.  Ran 2.35 in 24:30.  I actually felt good.  It was the five mile energy expended over two miles.  I was flying.  I was running fast UP the hill.  I didn't stop.  It was all hills so I don't feel too bad about the time.  Evening late at night running is nice though its already getting cold.  Three cheers for summer, too bad it seems to be over.  Time to get back to the treadmill.  

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 246

Well I did my 2.05 miles in 23:30 and ran through the park that seems to be populated by drug dealers of late?  But the real thing to write is what I failed to mention on Monday.  She told me in no uncertain terms not to write anything but I can't help myself.  On Monday the wifey ran her THIRD marathon.  To me this is incredible.  Here is the marathon.  She had run this one two years ago and this is her first since the birth of our third child.  Amazing.  I am the extremely proud husband and captain of the support team.  Me and the chilruns were out with some serious signage, whistles, megaphones, and a cowbell.  I think we take the support team award for loudest, most visible, and perhaps most obnoxious.   It was a nice day though the organization wasn't great.  The race started 35 minutes late due to a bus mixup and when it wound up getting over 80 degrees I think all the runners were wishing they had started at the scheduled time.  The wifey ran great, despite having some serious stomach problems that kept her from goal time.  I think most people (including me) would have quit, but she pushed through the pain and finished strong.  We are very proud.  Keep on keepin' on, we're ready to cheer you on for the next one!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Week 35 totals

Total miles: 31.05!
Total time: 358:06 almost six hours..
Avg miles: 4.44
Avg time: 51:09
Avg pace: 11:31
Progressing avg miles: 1.94

Total mileage: 475.83
Total time: 5321:35
Total Avg time: 21:43
Total Avg pace: 11:11

Year long projections:
Mileage: 710.83
Time: 7949:47

Made the goal. Back to eight mile weeks? ;)
Sounds good to me. Either that or forty...

Day 245

And the day after... Needed 2.27 to make 30.97. It wound up being a glorified victory lap. Actually recovered well after the eleven yesterday and was walking tall. Knees "feel" sore or weak or used or something, but not a lot of pain to speak of. Ran 2.35 in 26:36. GG, winner winner chicken dinner. 31.05 for the weekly total. There was philosophical introspection I was thinking through as I ran this that I thought would be good to put on here, but I don't have the energy for that. Insert some long rambling thoughts on avoiding mediocrity, stepping on the gas to see what you have left in the tank, and pursuing excellence in this space. Great, you're all inspired now and can go do what you need to do. good on ya

Day 244

Pain and suffering, wailing and gnashing of teeth. I came prepared, two water bottles, a bottle of gatorade, towel, cliff blocks energy food/stuff, some jelly bean energy stuff, mp3 player, and a bad attitude. OK minus the attitude. I basically used up drink holders on two treadmills. This run did not go very well. I wanted to quit after one mile. After three miles I was ready to lay down and quit running for ever. Good thing there were supposed to be only nine more miles to go. I made 11 miles in 2:16. It wasn't the twelve it was supposed to be, but it was the best I could do. I think I could have crawled a couple more miles, but it would have been even less attractive than the first eleven were. The first six miles were completed in 64 minutes, the next five in seventy two. Yes there were walk breaks. And crawling breaks. And hey just one more mile arguments in my head. Overall getting to eleven was good for sort of bonking continually throughout the run. I estimate that I lost ten pounds, mostly of sweat through the run. Good times.

Day 243

Mass confusion and hysteria. OK not much hysteria. The whole long run thing didn't really work too well, so it didn't happen. It got to be late at night, and it was running into midnight and thus it was delayed. This however didn't work well for this whole 30.97 miles this week goal, so I had to run 4.2 today in order to keep the totals up. 49:36 I think was the time which is pretty darn slow. Some scary people out in our neighborhood around this time, caused me to change my route a couple of times. Well we'll see how this works with the long run coming very soon tomorrow.

Day 242

OK here comes the weekend update...Ran two miles in preparation for the long run tomorrow. Approximately 23 minutes, nice and slow. This is supposed to be a rest-ish day followed by twelve tomorrow.