Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 364

5.7 in 59:13. Cheered on by the best cheersquad ever! Wife and kids + my hardcore sis! Rock on. Two days to go! Can you believe it?

Day 363 - A Track + A Chick + Me = Me getting chicked

OK. So I didn't technically get chicked again, but I might as well have. The only other lady besides my wifey (thus instantly making it a "fun" run) was a 75+ year old lady. The elderly woman started walking around the outside of the track while I was blowing through my miles. I was feeling pretty good about my chances of avoiding the chicked status, and started doing a little stylized bounding. This state of elation was interrupted when I came around the corner and glanced up in the stands next to the track. GRANNY WAS RUNNING STAIRS!!! Do I need to mention that there was still leftover ice and snow everywhere from the once in forty year Oregon snow? My reaction to this was "Uh oh....time to go." I headed for the track exit and gave her a high five. She gave me a little grin like, "good move sonny, you don't want none of this!"

Have I mentioned that running with my wifey is the best ever! As usual. If we had free use of babysitter time, this is what we would choose to do together (and have done in the past even when it wasn't free.) Good stuff. Wifey=tehhawtsawss.

4.2 in 44:01.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 362

4.2 in 47:45. Got chicked twice on the track. Did I mention they were running in lane five and I was in lane 0.5? four days to go...

Day 361

4.2 in 49

Friday, December 26, 2008

Day 360 - Merry Christmas

A new day, a new coach. Today I ran with my li'l big sis. Who is a completely hawtsawss coach/runner/motivator. She provided the inspirational yelling like "YOU'RE NOT STOPPING UNTIL YOU SHOW ME THE END OF THIS TRACK!" or warm fuzzy feel good statements like, "YOU CALL YOURSELF A RUNNER?!? GET MOVING!!!" I jest a little, because most of the time she kept me smiling and not thinking about the whole running thing which I didn't really want to do. All the snow and ice is still there along with more rain/snow falling so we ran to the local track. We couldn't really see much of the track and ran on mostly ice and a few steps of spongy track, but we got it done. We jumped the fence to get in, and then later found an open gate around the corner. Good times. 5.2 miles in 61:24 of slipping and sliding. Today, I did not remove my clothing while running.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Day 359 - Take it off, take it all off.

So they don't normally receive a lot of snow in Portland, OR. However in our case, right now it is a white Christmas. Mandatory chain use, still a foot or so of snow on the ground, and lots of ice everywhere makes for some insane running. Thankfully I got to do it with my wifey. She makes it fun. When the drivers give you the "What the heck are you idiots doing outside?" looks she gives them a sweet grin and then runs faster than they are driving. The sidewalks were completely entombed and thus we were running in the tracks on the street for the most part, jumping around avoiding cars. She also makes it fun when my brain goes running-delirious and I say something like hey, dare me to run shirtless? She says "double dog dare." Then after another mile when I say, hey dare me to run pantsless? She says "uhh for the sake of not causing traffic accidents, lets hold off on that....." She is fun. So it may have been the slowest 4.75 miles ever due to the slipping and sliding and ice, and slush, but it was one of the most fun. 57:14.

Day 358 - one more at home

We're taking off for the great white Northwest tomorrow, so today is the last day at home. I'm definitely relying on the tip I heard from one of the 30+ year streak runners. He said something to the effect of, the trick to getting out and running each day (for more than 30 years!) is to just tell yourself its OK to run because you're going to take it very easy and slow and then once you get going, you speed up to your regular pace and then your run is done. I adapt it to, I'm just going to run one mile in about fifteen minutes, then I'm done. Then once I'm out there the mental gymnastics begin. "Well you're run one, you might as well get it to two, two isn't too far, try two. " and so on and so forth until... 4.4 in 46:14.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Random musings

So I looked at the site that started this whole mess.  I had sort of forgotten about it.  And then I remembered, assuming that I make nine more days, I will be on the list!  OK the only musing I have is that, the idea of being on the list is kinda kewl.  

Week 51

Total mileage: 30.26
Total time: 336:57
Avg miles: 4.322
Avg time: 48:08
Avg pace: 11:08
Progressing avg miles: 2.13
Progressing avg time: 11:08
Progressing mileage projection: 779.68

Year long mileage: 760.51
39.49 to go.
2nd straight 30+ mile week.  4th overall.  Nine days to go....the will is wavering...but today, I brought my running shoes....

Day 357

4.4 in 44:20.  What it is, what it was, what it shall be.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 356 - I haven't given up yet.....

Outside Temp of 0, means no traffic jams on the running trail 
Crystallized flying snow, gives me a white santa beard
4.1 in 48:57 (11 minutes faster than last time...),  leaves 43.89 miles for the next ten days.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 355 - Anyone up for the 50meter kids' fun run?

You ever have those moments?  You know, the moments where you are pushing hard, where you are feeling intense pain, where you not only want to stop, but you want to quit forever?  The moments where you want to find the person that invented running (ha) and give them a nice wallop upside the head?  The moments where you think "I cannot possibly run one more 0.01 mile."  "I will die."  OK I think I have had this same post multiple times.  The things that run through my head (wish I could count that mileage.)

10.00 in 1:46.  
p.s. that is smokin' hot for me.  If I hadn't finished in that time, the gym would have closed and I would have been left to go searching for the man-bra.

47.99 miles to go...

and I passed the 750 mark for the year.  Yeah.

Day 354 - This also doesn't help much

1.0 in 12:20. 57.99 miles to go.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 353 - Hit it!

5.11 in 54:50.  59.9 to go.  Thirteen days to go.  Sounds like the beginning of the classic Blues Brothers rant.

Here is my version.  

It's 59.9 miles to the promised land.  I've got a whole lot of gas, a half a mind to quit right now,  it's dark, and I'm wearing a man-bra........HIT IT!


Day 352 - Off the wagon?

1.0 in 11:30.  I'm not sure this helps much. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 351 - What it is

Occassionally I let myself think a few things.  Like, hey not everyone is out running 4.65 miles in the middle of the night through snow and ice, in near 0 degree weather.  Thats kinda cool.  And not everyone in the world is running their 351st day in a row.  Thats kinda cool.  Look I understand my running style can be described affectionately as waddling, and my speed makes Bea Arthur look like Usain Bolt, but hey sometimes, I let myself think for just a second that, I have a little hawtsawss in me.  Of course then I remember that I'm wearing a man bra.  OK so let me clarify.  The reflective vest that I recently received may be a little short for my elongated torso....I like the vest, especially since because if I wear it, I give a nice glowing target for truckers...  I do like the vest though, gives off an effervescent aura of running seriousness.  If you put on enough hard core running gear does it make you hard core?  I save my "sprints" for running across the intersection in front of people watching, if that helps?   Then when no one is looking I drop down to my penguin pace....
/end rambling

4.65 in 59:00!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Week Fitty

Total mileage: 30.25
Total time: 320:21
Avg miles: 4.32
Avg pace: 10:35
Progressing avg miles: 2.086

Total mileage 730.25
Total time: 8123:50

Year long projections
Mileage: 763,63
Time: 8495:12

Third 30+ mile week of the year.  69.75 miles remaining on the trip to 800.  That means 4.36 miles / day aka 30.5 mile weeks...  What I dream happening is that I stuff myself full of Christmas cookies, roll over and quit one week before the year is out.  Ha.  That kinda sounds nice.... :)  What actually will happen is that I will whine, and the wifey will give me a hug followed by her loving look of,  "I love you.  Now if you don't get outside and run right now I will toss you a beating that will haunt your dreams forever."  (The second part is my paraphrase of the subtext.)  OK So actually its more like "I love you.  You can do it baby!"  I just imagine the first one because its humorously motivational in a blogtastic sort of way.

Day 3-fitty...

Coldest day EVER in our town today, for those of you who came here for a weather report.  If I was talking to my Great Aunt Lulu (doesn't exist) the weather topic would be followed by an excrutiating account of my physical ailments (do exist.)  So here you go.   My knees hurt.  Great.  I'm sure you're lives were enriched by this and every other post on this blog-tastic outpouring of nonsense.  

4.45 in 46:45.  16 more days of this?  Sheesh.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Day 349 - me = Kirk Douglas

Thump.  Thump.  Thump.  Thump.  Scritch.  Thump.  Scritch.  Scritch.  Thump.  Thump.  Thump.  Thump.  Scritch.  

Thus endeth the literary form of the soundtrack of my run on the treadmill.  The scritches are where my shuffling turns into stumbling.  Its all terribly exciting and happy, happy, joy, joy.  Unfortunately for the nice lady running next to me, I don't think it was all joy today.  I'm sure that between running and attempting to rub her eyes from the stinging and burning, she was thinking that I should have been wearing this shirt....

Sincere apologies from me, and the breakfast burrito 

4.75 in 50:00.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day 348

The intention was to run for two hours.  It was a weak intention that died a quick and painful death.  I brought sufficient gear to the gym to run the Comrades UltraMarathon across the desert of Africa.  That makes it even more embarrassing to not use any of it and only run 6.75 in 73:03.  It was more than the two drink minimum aka 4.75 miles.  
Update: The needed average is back down to 4.38!  I am so gonna love the extra half hour it takes me to run those last four tenths of a mile....

Day 347

4.3 in 47 minutes or so.  Hawtsawss date action with the wifey kept it a little short.  That and my general disdain for the running thing.  ;)  This is gonna be close!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Day - 346

Some people are oblivious.  Do they not understand that when they waste my time in meetings or "hey I just saw you in the hallway, I need to tell you my life story" moments they are taking me away from valuable, "burn rubber on the tread mill" time?  Seriously with the heat generated on the soles after some quality hamster wheel time, I'm surprised there isn't some oh-so-pleasant burning smoke coming from them.  You can can not change the laws of physics.

That is my grandiose excuse for only getting in 1.3 in 14:40.  

90 miles to go before I sleep.

Update:  Slipping sand.  The required average is up to 4.73....

Day 345 - unnnnngggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh

Whose idea was this?  Seriously I am going to hunt them down like the dog they are.  4.35 in 45:24.

Day 344

4.35 in 43:59.  Bustin' it at the gym so I could get home to the fam.  I love the fam! Knees are sore from the grind, probably should take a break, but, due to popular consensus in the enormous voting turnout, we are giving this 800 mile thing a go.  Game on.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Week 49

Total Mileage: 20.6
Total Time: 235:10
Avg miles: 2.94
Avg time: 33:35
Avg pace: 11:24
Progressing avg miles: 2.04
Progressing avg time: 11:09.3

Total mileage: 700

Year long projections: 
Mileage:  746.94

So much for projections....

Day 343 = 700

Finished today at 700 miles for the year on the dot.  Finished today exhausted and sweaty.  Finished today kind of like I started (at least in the exhausted and sweaty regard.)  Finished today?  Probably not.  Not finished today until tomorrow becomes today, and I've run > one mile.

3.0 in 30:59.

100 to 23 days.  4.3478 / day.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Day 342 - I Light Up the Night!

4.75 in 52:14.  Do any of you have those nice automatic lights on the outside of your house that turn on when motion occurs nearby?  Me likey.  I especially likey on certain stretches of the road where a number of houses in a row all have the lights, and by merely running by the domiciles I turn on all the lights in the neighborhood.  I like to imagine sometimes that they aren't really automatic lights, but it really is the residents themselves turning on the lights, because they want a better look at my exquisite running form.  "Look Marge there he goes again!  He's Amazing!"  Something like that.  It's fun.

103 miles to go....

Day 341 Running on Poo

Anyone else face this dilemna?  You're running in a residential neighborhood.  Its dark, and you are wearing all black + a headlamp to make your corpse easier to find for the EMTs.  You have three choices:

1.  Run on the street.  Pros:  Asphalt is softer on your aching joints than cement.  The road is usually a more direct route and has been cleared of snow and ice so that the agony -err running time is shorter to cover the same distance.  Cons:  18wheelers driven by a bleary-eye trucker revving up on uppers trying to hit a shortcut through the suburbs to make his bonus.  He won't even feel your bump.

2.  Run on the cement.  Pros: less likely to become a small lump of goo on the street, fast surface turns your 13 minute mile into a 12:55.  Cons:  hard surface turns your knees into bags of jiffy pop as you climb the stairs the next day.

3.  Run on the grass.  Pros:  Soft surface is easy on the hulking frame pounding out the miles, Cons:  rough uneven surface could cause an ankle turn, slow you down to a 15 minute mile  AND THEN....there is the dog poo.  People who are walking their dogs, cats and other farm animals like to let little fido roam on to the grass right next to the sidewalk and "make a deposit" at the sidewalk branch bank.  This means that when I run alongside I wind up yelling eureka numerous times as the nice squishy treasure oozes through the bottom of my waffle stompers.  This is eased somewhat by cold weather, where in the squish is replaced by a crunch.  

Thus The Longest Run blog presents, You make the Call!  1, 2, or 3?

4.5 in 53:00  Am I actually trying for 800 miles?  Hmmmm that would mean 4.30579 miles for the next 26 days.  That would be crazy.

Day 340

2.35 in 26:20.

Day 339 - A New Invention!

This may have been one of the stranges runs of the year.  Its snowing today.  The wifey forced me out to go do the run.  Very cold, snow very cold + running.  What I discovered is a new way to save time running.  Instead of doing your running and then afterwards icing aching joints and muscles, why not combine the two?  Find some nice powdery snow to run in, 3-4 inches is nice, wear shorts or sweats that let the snow shoot up your legs, (high winds help.)   Then by the time you get home, your lower legs are frozen solid and receive the benefits of icing.  = good times. 1.0 in 11:52.

Day 338

Working from home, 4.0 in 48:14.  Ran the trail route, I can still run more than one mile!  Its amazing.  Trying not to think about how far I have to go to make 800.  Mmm /hug ignorance.  Warm and fuzzy.

Day 337

1.0 in 13:00.  Rippin'

Week 48

Total Mileage: 15.05
Total time: 171:15
Avg miles: 2.15
Avg time: 24:28
Avg pace: 11:22
Progressing avg miles: 2.02
Progressing avg time: 11:09

Total Mileage 679.4

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vote in the new exciting poll

Waste ten seconds of your life that you will never get back.  I dare you.  :)

Day 336

enh.  1.0 in 10:45.  enh.

Day 335 - Best non-wifey run ever!

We had about six inches of snow fall today.  The random shuffled playlist was jammin'  (I will not reveal the songs so as to not embarass those of you with lesser musical tastes who can't appreciate an occassional Jefferson Airplane diddy.)  I was happy running.  I don't say that every day.  In fact never.  It was a cold, dark winter evening, no cars on the road due to the prodigious snowfall.  The snow was falling quietly.  I felt good.  The snow made it feel like running on cushions.  There was a bit of sunset over Pikes Peak as I started.  I felt like I could run forever.  Just me and my headlamp.  Wow.    

2.35 in 26:00

It has to be qualified, because the best runs are still with my permanent partner in crime....

Day 334 - run with the wifey

There are two categories of runs for me.  Runs with the wifey and all the other ones.  Today thanks to the In-laws visiting I got a run with the 3xMarathoner.  It was nice.  Snow was on the ground, and it was in the morning.  Good stuff.  Sunrise ftw.

1.5 in 18:00

Day 333 - fully carbo loaded...on turkey and pumpkin pie

Cold, cold, cold, windy, dark, time to run!  5.2 in 60:00.  Wasn't sure I could still run that far after all this other nonsense.  Out and back in the winter night.  It started to snow...

Day 332 -

If this were upside down, it would be harder to read.  Its not, unless you are standing on your head, or juggling your laptop, unsuccessfully.  1.0 in 11:30.

Day 331 - a trio of three sets of three, wish it were day 333

3.0 in 33:00.  Hey I went to the gym.  They have machines there, you run on them.  And weights you lift, to make bulging muscles appear, and really sweaty guys mercilessly pounding a treadmill into submission (ok just one,) and front desk guys working out to impress the females...its all good times.

Day 330 - Land of the Lost 1.0 mile runs

1.0 in something.  You know either 6:00 (my lifetime best, from a different lifetime) or 12:00.  Either way.

Week 47 - the not so perfect '10'

Mileage: 10
Time: 114:01
Avg miles: 1.43
Avg time: 16:17
Avg pace: 11:24
Progressing avg miles: 2.019
Progressing avg time: 11:08

Right so it wasn't single digits, I've got that going for me....

Day 329

1.0 in 11:30. Generic want to be doneness.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 328 - New Training Plan

It mostly involves intending to run huge numbers of miles over two-three hours of sprints, but instead replacing that with approximately five hours of helping someone move to a new house, hefting appliances and enormous wood dressers, crossfit?  pssht I got Kenmore!
1.0 in 11:03, sore back anyone?  You mean sitting in a cubicle doesn't preapre one adequately for marathon power lifting sessions?  ;)

Day 327 40 Days and 40 nights

2008 is rapidly coming to an end.  Have you had a good year?  2.0 in 22:00.  Should have been more, could have been more, but it was.  Checkmark.

Day 326 - yes it is possible

to run more than one mile in a day, which hasn't happened in a very long time due to sickness and laziness.  Whaddya know?  3.0 in 35:21.  There were hills ok?

Day 325

Back home, in the real cold.  1.0 in 12:23.

Day 324 - running at the Mall

OK not the place that has Dillards's, Sears, and a run down movie theater with really small screens, the mall with the capitol building, WWII memorial and other war memorials, the Smithsonian museum(s) etc.  I was visithing the Air and Space museum which is incredible, and decided I would run on the mall.  In my dress clothes.  And my dress shoes.  Why?  Because I could.  My wife and I had visited a while back and saw some high powered types running on the mall during their "power lunch" and thought it would be neat.  So on the spur of the moment, I decided to jump into it.  It was pretty funny running along side (read as, them blowing by me like I was standing still, mostly)  all these high tech runner types with their elite running gear, shoes, and really important conversations, meanwhile I'm in dress clothes, my now famous new balance dress shoes, carrying my gift bag from the Smithsonian museum and snapping pics and vid on my cell phone.  It was quite the scene.  However I did run at the mall today.....pretty kewl if you ask me....

1.0 in 11:00.

Day 323 - the witty well has run dry

Ran one mile within the confines of national harbor.  Decided to explore the hotel surroundings a bit.  Late night run, windy and bitterly cold.  Helped some guy find a restaurant he was looking for.  Ran out on one of the piers, also very cold, though it was a neat view of Washington D.C. at night.  Finished the one mile quickly so I could get into the restaurant before it closed.  I highly recommend going to restaurants right before they close, as they are much more apt to give you free stuff.  Hey a free cookie, is a free cookie.  1.0 in 11:14.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Week 46

Total mileage: 7.5
Total time: 83:00
Avg miles: 1.07
Avg pace:11:04
Progressing avg miles: 2.03
Progressing avg time: 11:08

OK pretty much the worst week so far in terms of distance.  Even the very first week of the year I ran 8.5.  I was sick, so there is that pitiful excuse.  I'm going to try and forget this happened.  In fact it never happened.  Strike Week 46 from the rolls.  Begone foul Week 46!  You are banished from the realm!!!  Take your measly daily average and sub 100 minute total time and do not return!  We shall have none of your filth corrupting our wondrous running blog!  There.  Take that.

Day 322 - Another day

1.0 miles on the hotel treadmill.  Feel mostly better at this point.  Probly should have run more, but I diden't.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 321 - Washington and me

1.0 miles in 12:00 on the banks of the Potomac river.  Foot was hurting so I cut it short again.  Only one coughdrop today, so I'm on the mend.  It was cold and windy and I think people thought I was crazy going outside, but it is a lot warmer than CO right now....

Day 320 me=hawtsawss aka Excellent and Low

So I'm in D.C. for a conference.  I made my way down to the fitness center to hit the treadmill.  Feeling a little better and a little rambunctious.  The treadmill was all fancy dancy with all these programs and virtual trainers and junk.  I like tests.  I like challenges.  I like things with objective measurements.  So I decide to try this Navy Fitness test thing which is to run as fast as you can for 1.5 miles.  This was a really dumb idea.  It is for me one of the cyclical Edwin Moses moments.  The deck of the treadmill was VERY hard.  About midway through the run, my left foot sort of twanged and started hurting.  I think I might have sprained it a little.  Didn't stop me from my craziness...1.5 miles in 12:00, the last part was at 6:40 mile pace which is felt really not bad other than the pounding.  Enh.  My quantitative Navy fitness rating?  Excellent - low.  I like to think that they just shortened it by taking out a few words as in, You are in most EXCELLENT shape, so in shape are you that a very LOW percentage of people can even dream about being in such shape....  OK maybe not, but I can can't take away the excellent part...

Day 316, 317, 318, 319

Sick, sick and more sick.

1 mile of sickly waddling / day.

4.0 miles in 48:00 total.  These are the rather unfun days...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Week 45

Total mileage: 13.4
Total time: 143:15
Avg miles: 1.91
Avg time: 20:27
Avg pace: 10:41
Progressing Avg Miles: 2.05
Progressing Avg Time: 11:08

Total mileage: 646.95
153.15 miles to go!
Weekly average needed to make 800 miles for the year: 21.02

Day 315 - The Perfect Storm - when running can feel so right, and be so wrong

It was the perfect storm.  At the gym so as to void the cold air on my infected lungs.  Jump on to the treadmill, and I notice that on the two treadmills to the right of me are a younger couple (early 20's.)  Over my time going to the gym I have come to know the veterans and these were definitely either first timers or really new to the place.  During my warmup I overheard them talking about "testing whether they were in shape"  "doing this for the first time" " trying things out" which confirmed my idea that they were new.  It was also clear that the dude was trying to impress his female companion by his ability to run.  (Despite the fact that at one point during my warmup he nearly totally fell off the treadmill when he stopped mid-stride as the belt kept moving.)  Well it was at this point I had a decision to make.  Do I ignore the potential of the situation, waddle through my sickly one mile, and be done with it?  OR do I seize upon the male ego, the temptation to look at your neighbor's treadmill speed, and the presence of his female friend and see what happens when I start pushing the pace?  Let me add to the wonderful visual picture by pointing out that I showed up at the gym having been sick in bed for the most part for three days straight,  there was not excessive cleanliness, no attractive color coordinated running gear or anything that would indicate I had ever run before in my life.   This I think would only add to my counterpart's motivation.  So I started my run.  I noticed that he was sweating profusely and struggling mightily at a 5.4 mph pace.  Let me point out clearly here that I am not fast and will never begrudge anyone their speed.  I point this out only to note that I had some room to work with.  If he was "struggling" along at a 9mph pace I would have just moved on.  So I started at 5.5, and quickly moved to 6mph, to give that wonderful, "hey I'm accelerating way past what you are running buddy" non-verbal communication.  I then watch out of the corner of my eye for any reaction.  I see a quick glance over at me, sizing me up, then a glance at the speed, and then, no lie, a quick glance over at his friend.  Not more than three-four seconds later he reaches for the accelerate button and speeds up to 6.5.  Feeling safe he starts struggling in to the new pace.  I hear comments from the female friend "oh you definitely are in shape"  "i know you haven't done this in a while but you are doing great" More fuel on the fire.  I accelerate to 6.5 and then after a momentary pause to give that, "what this?  this is still the warmup! and move on to 7.0 mph.  All while giving long drawn out, "when is my heartbeat going to increase?" sighs to show how pedestrian this all is.   My treadmill friend quickly glances around and despite the obvious pain he is in, accelerates to 7.0.  After giving him a few strides to settle in and to not give the idea of a reaction, I move to 7.5.  Its at this point I think about giving an over-dramatic yawn for affect, but I figure it would be overkill.  Within the time it takes for him to look over again at the speed, then at me, then at the speed, then at me one more time, he accelerates to 8.0!  Its at this point I figure I have achieved the results of my experiment and would feel rather guilty if he stumbled and fell to a nasty treadmill belt burn, so I finish out my mile and slow for a walking cooldown.  He lasts three-four seconds after I stop, enough time to give a congratulatory grin in either direction and then hastily reaches for the emergency stop button. 

Morally wrong? probably.  Funny in a sick, twisted sort of way? definitely. 

1.0 in 9:15.

Day 314

One more sickly waddling day.  1.0 in 12:40

Day 313

More sickness/fever/crud.  1.0 in 12:46.  I think I'm going to be off the running program for a while....

Day 312 - the why am I doing this days are these

1.0 in 13:00.  Right.  Why am I doing this again?  Sick in bed most of the day except for this.  Lungs on fire,  enh skip it, don't need to complain.  Its done.  Rock on.

Day 311 - getting sick

Bleh, its coming which is not good.  Throat is swollen, sore, feels like I can hardly breathe.  Thus of course I ran 4.4 in 46:14.  Had to finish watching the Broncos come back and beat the Browns.  

Day 310

Rest day.  1.0 miles in 11:05.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 309

4.0 in 38:55.  Lets just say I had a lot of extra energy flowing this evening.  First mile in 10:54, second in 10:15, third in 9:45, fourth in 8:45.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Week 44

Total Mileage: 20.25
Total time: 225:14
Avg miles: 2.89
Avg time:32:10
Avg pace: 11:07
Progressing avg miles: 2.06
Progressing avg pace: 11:09

Total miles: 633.45

166.55 miles to go!
Weekly average needed to reach 800 miles for the year:  20.1

Day 308 - 8 weeks to go.

Got your Christmas shopping done?  58 days until the end of the year.  Did my "rest day" waddling of one mile in a lot of minutes.  Happy U.S. election day.  

Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 307 - Angry blog postings goeth before the fall

So my knee hurts, not a little bit.  It popped this morning and felt better, but last night it kept waking me up.  Wasn't sure if I was going to go one, go 7-8, or just quit this whole experiment all together.  End result was 6.0 in 64:48.  I figured the one mile rest I am doing tomorrow would cover the extra.  Treadmill/blackandwhitetv of cowboys debacle/blazing sun in the face/goodness.

Day 306 - Waddlin around town.

3.4ish in 41:48.  Needed to 3-4 miles today and what says 3-4 miles more than 3.4 miles of waddling around town in random directions?  Not much I would say.  Went wherever I felt like it, albeit rather slowly.  There.  Of course I will be resting tomorrow.  Of course.

Day 305 - rest day!

Seriously, I'm resting.  No running whatsoever.  Because I don't do that.  I run one day and then the next I REST.  Because that will save my joints!  I love my joints and wouldn't think of harming them in any way.  I would like the joints to stick around for a little while longer.  That is why I of course never think of offending and irreparably injuring them, the joints you know, by doing something silly like not taking a full day of rest after each run.  I am so SMRT!  

1.0 in 12:14.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 304 - Them's Fightin' Words!

Right.  So I've sort of avoided going to the doctor this year.  I sort of knew in the back of my mind if there was anything physically wrong I would get the, "Well stop running every day idiot" remarks.  Seeing as I have no intention of stopping, I just decided I didn't want to hear it.  Well the avoidance ended today as I stopped by for a checkup.  To no one's surprise I got the hey you are killing your joints you should stop now or you will wind up looking like Don Imus.  (That is a semi-accurate paraphrase, the Imus part is true.)  I'm not sure what running has to do with looking like a radio show host, but apparently there is direct cause effect relationship.  Needless to say the result of this was me being ticked.  Yeah I know pounding my joints everyday with my immense, uh personality maybe isn't the best idea since running the Boulder Pumpkin Run, but what is the alternative?  Eating my way to a diabetic stupor through pounding nacho cheese coated twinkes?  I know there is a nice convenient "middle ground"  that might involve cross training, taking a day off, blah blah blah not interested.  At least right now.  There will be a day, probably not far from now where I will take a day off, but as it has been said more eloquently by others, today is not that day.

3.25 in 33:46.

Don't drive angry.  Running is ok.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 303 - the usual jive

Rest day on the plan means I run a mile, actually 1.1 in 12:24, but who is counting?  I looked back on the plan and realized I missed two miles on it, but I figure I will make that up in rest days.  Running.  What it is.  What it was.  What it shall be.  

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 302 - In the still of the night

Cool crisp evening.  Ran 2.25 miles out in 25ish minutes, then back in 22ish  minutes.  Ran the 3 miles + approx. 13:30 total in pickups.  4.5 miles total in 48:14.  No mp3 player just listening and looking.  Ran in a rural part of was nice and quiet other than the ranch dog threatening to attack on one section.  Felt like I could go and go and go at the initial pace.  Need new batteries for headlamp....outrunning the current ones.  :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Week 43

Mileage: 13.85
Time: 150:36
Avg miles: 1.98
Avg time: 21:30
Avg pace: 10:52
Progressing avg miles: 2.04

Total mileage: 613.2
Total time: 6831:34

Right so 800 for the year is not going in the right direction.  Need to average over twenty miles/week now for the remaining nine weeks.  Oh and then the plan, right.

Day 301 - The eight miler that never was.

So the Tampa rays have some new math where 9=8.  (9 players on a baseball team, 8 games to win the world series after the divisional series is over.)  My math is 8=3.  As in my eight miler on the plan turned into three.  I love the new math.  30:27.

Day 300 - Guess I should have celebrated or something

Went by and I didn't even notice because I'm slow on the log.  And slow everywhere else.  I didn't run, oh wait I did.  One mile.  You know cus I'm really going to run a lot tomorrow. Uh huh.  Sure.
I felt like I could have, just so you know.

Day 299 - plan? what plan?

Right so the plan is just more of a suggestion right?  Something to think a bit about and then toss aside?  I ran 2.45 in about 28:56.  But if you add rest days that makes it more?  Close to the plan?

Day 298 - rest?

Pssht there is no rest.  One mile in 11:00.

Day 297 - Starting the program

So I'm starting this half-marathon training program, though I don't really want to.  I'm not really that interested to be honest, but I guess at least it is a goal to work towards.  I will be starting on week four of the nine week program.  Ran 4.4 miles in 47:40.  4 miles, then four pickups.  There ya go.

Day 296

Check me if you've heard this story before.  One mile, late at night, in about eleven minutes.  Check.

Day 296

Check me if you've heard this story before.  One mile, late at night, in about eleven minutes.  Check.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Week 42 - Ten weeks left in the year!

Mileage: 13.7
Time: 148:18
Avg miles: 1.96
Avg time: 21:11
Avg pace: 10:49
Progressing avg miles: 2.04

Total mileage: 599.35
Total time: 6680:58
Year long projections: 746.13

Didn't quite hit that 600 number.  I think at this point my goal for the year is 800 miles.  I will have to do 20 mile weeks for the rest of the year.  Considering that some of my running will be in Kenya and an airport or two, it might be interesting.....

Day 295 - a bit later.

Ran 1.0 miles in 12:00.  It was very early in the day.  Makes for a long break.

Day 294 - Lightsaber coming out of my head/beating the bunny/why not?

I needed 5.05 to make it to 600 for the year.  So I headed out into the dark and fog about 11:15 last night.  With the headlamp on in the fog, it looked like I had a giant yellow glowing lightsaber/club coming out of my head, right between my eyes.  It was just a little distracting.  2/3 of the way into the run the light started getting dim and then went out.  I was more than a little jazzed to think I had outrun my energizer batteries, but then realized they weren't totally dead, as the headlamp still worked in the funny "red light" mode.  I actually felt like a runner today.  Energy, feeling good, going farther than I thought.  I also thought more about goals and running longer races.  I'm thinking about trying a half and then a full with Michael in June.  We shall see.  What I mean when I say I'm thinking about it is that I told myself while running in my mentally decapacitated mode that I was definitely doing it, but I'm still being wishy washy about saying it, cus then I will actually have to do it.  I made about 4.7 miles before the day ran out.  It was more than one.  50 minutes.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Day 291, 292, 293

3x1 mile in 11:30, 10:50, and 10:08.

Day 290

Three miles approximately, in thirty two minutes.  Running up first, and down second is definitely my preferred method.  The horse running back to the barn is definitely my mindset.

Update: right so it was actually more like 2.7 miles.  :(  No more checking on gmaps.  Grossly incorrect assumptions ftw!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 289

One mile in 10:50.  More moonlight action.  

Day 288 - baking a bun

The moonlight run.  Tonight the wifey and I took a date night.  It was a very romantic setting.  We joing a few crazies from the local running club for their monthly moonlight run.  The run was down in the Garden of the Gods, on a hilly  course, and the temperature was in the thirties, but it was fun!  You know as far as running goes.  ;)  Had a fun dinner afterwards.  Oh and I mentioned to the group of strangers that the wifey had a handicap because she was carrying another person inside of her (aka Prego) was fun!
Thanks Mrs. Streak Runner!
2.3 in 23:00.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Week 41

Mileage: 10.45
Time: 115:28
Avg miles: 1.49
Avg time: 16:29
Avg pace: 11:02
Progressing avg miles: 2.04

Total mileage: 585.65

Day 287

2.35 miles in the moonlight.  I felt fast.  It was almost fun.  25:30.

Day 286

Run more than one mile?  Nah.  I'd rather procrastinate and wait until the last possible minute to run one mile in 11:30.

Day 285

See previous post.  Its late at night, dark, and cold.  It must mean I'm running one mile in about 12 minutes.

Day 284

Ran one mile, it is getting cold outside.  Interrogative, exciting? no.  Done? yes.  11:30.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 283

Back at the gym, on the nice soft cushy treadmill.  3 miles in 29:58.  It gets so stinkin hot in that place, especially when there are a lot of people.  Meant for it to be four, but just didn't have time.  My joints are a cause for concern.  My hip is painful today, and the knees have a strange burning sensation.  Gonna try to up the icing frequency above 0 and see if that helps.

Day 282

OK so I'm taking another recovery day.  It'll stop, yeah right.  1.05 miles in 11:00.  Knees are still a little sore, but getting better.  blah blah blah

Day 281

Recovery day, literally waddled 1.05 miles in 14:00 +.  I was technically running, but the knees were extremely sore.  Muscles were feeling good, just the joints.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Week 40

Mileage:  19.21
Time: 223:00
Average miles:  2.74 Average time:  31:51Avg pace: 11:36Progressing avg miles: 2.05

Total Mileage: 575.2
Total Time: 6417:22Total Average time: 22:57
Total Average pace:  11:09

Year long projections Mileage:  751.86857 Time:  8388:11:50


So I made mention of kicking out a 13.1 miler and I did.  Thanks muchly to the motivation and encouragement of my wifey, without whom I think I would have stopped after Day 1.  and Day 2. and Day 3.  You get the idea.  She suggested 13.2 to be OVER the 13.1 mark.  The best I could do was 13.11.  My problem was I got behind in my hydration and then at the 1:45 mark ate some sport beans without drinking enough water to accompany them.  The end result of which I believe was me hugging the porcelain throne after the run was over.  Fun times!  I did make my goal time of 2:30 (2:29:30.)   My brain function devolves during that much running and also utters things like, I'm never running again, and such things.  Actually don't feel too bad the day after, thanks to the wifey helping me out with a recovery drink.  The wifey=tehr0x0rbombastickewlhawtsawss.  ftw.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 275,276,277,278,279

Yeah I'm lazy.  In more ways than one.  For the previous days I have run one mile / day in an average of 12:00.  Motivation is lagging.  Desire is absent.  Waddling seems like too much effort.  Then I go read the latest post here. Boy I need a heavy dose of reality more often.  Not that slowing down, or running less is bad, not that having some down times is the worst thing ever, but how about some perspective?  Set some goals, go after it, and GET IT DONE.  /endofstory.

Today seems like a good day for a 13.1 miler...  :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

September to Remember

So I partipicipated this month in the September to Remember challenge. My previous high was 82.36 (August of '08.)  My total for this month was ....83.47.  Yes, I beat it.  No, not by a lot.  OK the point was to beat it right?  Not obliterate it?  A win is a win is a win?  My 30 mile week which was preceded by a 25 mile week sort of got me there and did me in at the same time.    Thanks for the challenge it kept me going when I didn't really want to, and helped with the goal setting for the month.  We need another challenge or I'm going straight to seven miles/week (one/day.)

Day 274 - one more day

So this is my "extra" day of the month I forgot about.  1.1 in 13:00.  Right didn't exactly obliterate the record, but yeah.  Late night run and angry.  Running angry is the way to go I think, it makes you think less about the running part.  :)

Week 39

Mileage: 14.45
Time: 150:59
Avg miles: 2.06
Avg time: 21:34
Avg pace: 10:26
Progressing avg miles: 2.04

Total mileage: 555.99
Total time: 6196:30
Total avg time: 22:42
Toal avg pace: 11:09

Year long projections: 
mileage: 745
time: 8307:2

Day 273 - the run into the sun

It sounds dramatic but isn't really.  So at my "gym"  (a big glorified room with some machines and free weights in it) all the treadmills are up front next to the windows.  The windows face west.  This means in the late afternoon the sun beats in heavily.  Which would be no problem if they had blinds on all the windows which they don't.  It being a strangely busy day, I got stuck on one of the treadmills with blind-less windows, and thus my normally profuse sweating turned into a gusher of salty liquid spraying violently in all directions.  (How is that for lovely imagery?)  I ran 2.7 in 26:30 to put me over the monthly record for the challenge.  Then I realized afterwards there is one more day in the month!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 272 - this feels familiar

2.35 in 26:22.  This is the anonymous run.  This is actually the typical run.  This is the run that has happened every day this year so far.  Characteristics?  Painful - heels/shins mosly.  At night in the dark.  Cold.  Hit a rock on the trail and nearly bit it - multiple times.  And I'm done.

Day 271 - Mmmm hashbrowns

OK my calves are hash.    Isn't that nice?  3.0 in 35:30 on the "loop."  I need six more miles in the next two days to make this a true "September to remember." (beating my highest mileage for a month...)

Day 270 - I'm a Yes Man!

5k in 27:48.  Yes I set a land speed record.  Yes I nearly melted the soles of my shoes.  (The treadmill actually does heat up the bottoms of my shoes..)  Yes I was under 9 minutes/mile pace.  Yes, yes, and yes.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 269 - The Turtleboys count the turtles

My sons ran with me today.  I'm not sure how long it took, but I didn't stop so it counts!  One lawn that we pass has these ceramic turtles scattered across the artificial turf they have for a lawn.  The middle son likes to count the turtles and be a cowboy.  Thus we came up with the new term of Turtleboy.  Running with them is way more fun.

1.0 in a lot.

Day 268 - Under the Mendoza line

OK yeah about that average thing....1.0 in 11:35.

Day 267 - Back in Black

Right so everything is hurting from last week.  Lower back especially.  Going to rest for a bit and take it easy.  Somethimes running slow seems to hurt more?  1.0 in 12:32

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Week 38 - 2.0 and ready to go

Mileage; 30.01
Time: 335:36
Avg Miles: 4.29
Avg Time: 47:56
Avg Pace: 11:10
Progressing Avg miles: 2.04!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Total mileage: 541.54
Total time: 6043:13  Over 100 hours
Total Avg time: 22:43
Total Avg pace: 11:09

Year long projections: 
    mileage:  745.13
    time: 8315:06

So breaking the 2 mile/day average is pretty exciting for me.  Looking back, the average after week one was 1.21  Over the last twenty weeks I brought it up .25 miles /day in ten weeks, twice.    Laws of averages make that pretty interesting.  Have to overcome all those weeks  (17) were I ran less than the two hours I ran in one day a few days back.  Time to set a new goal, and maintain this one of course.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 266 - Centurions

100 Days to go...the countdown is on.  The poll results are in and they say keep running, but who believes polls anyways?  :)  I started off wanting to run one mile and stop, then it became 2.35 (complete a longer loop) then it was run another mile, then it was get to thirty for the week...3.85 in 47:49 and I was hurting.  Back is sore, most likely from overuse.  Hamstrings are tight and pulling things out of whack. Gonna take it easy today, yeah right.  30.01 for the week, 100 days to go...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 265 - Have you ever wondered?

So after my run today, I was trying to figure out why I would do something like that?  What would actually motivate me to run for two hours?  I'm not exactly training for a race or anything noble like that.  My goal of 366 days is not affected whether I run one mile or eleven.  I'm not fast or pretty to look at while running.  I'm not going to make 1000 miles for the year  So why bother?  My wifey made some interesting comments on the whole runner thing, I encouraged her to write them down.  Much of it made sense.  I can relate to the whole "fooling yourself in to running farther."  Does anyone else ever do the whole, 

"yeah just one more mile, then we stop, thats all we have to do, just one more mile then its over, ok we just finished, well now its only a few more miles to go, you might as well just do one more mile, just 10-11-12 - ha minutes to go, you can run 10 minutes right? 10 minutes, you can crawl 10 minutes, just do that much and then we'll quit, we'll take a break, stop running, maybe we'll be done for good, this is it just ten more minutes....(continue for two hours)"

  I do have a desire to improve, to get better, to make each outing a little bit faster/longer/stylistic-ha than the one before.  I guess that is it, and I guess I've gotten into a little bit of a habit.  Not that I like it, lets not go crazy or anything, but I did finish...I'd like to do that more often, and this year, I have!

11.01 miles in 1:59:10.

Day 264 24 hr drive-through

2.3 in 28:47.  Nice and easy, and not just the hair care product.  In the dark, still warm enough to not be bundled up which is nice.  Running on the dirt/trail/broken ground in the dark can be interesting and offer up unseen surprises, but then there is no one to see you trip and stumble repeatedly...

Day 263 - ctrl-c, ctrl-v

Copy and paste for those who don't like keyboard shortcuts like me.  4.5 miles along the "trail" near the "creek" past the site of my ignominious squatting...Today I felt slow.  Especially when some dooood came up behind me and smoked me, then stopped, took off his shoe, started a fire, had a barbeque, invited some friends, danced the night away, cleaned up, put his shoe back on and continued running, all before I caught up with him.  You know, at least the shoe part.  Time was slow 51?  Running with my doooods is the best.  I think I should run all my miles with them.  This time I was an American prisoner and they were the Redcoats.  When I said I wouldn't desert and join the British army they just shot me.  lol.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 262 - Mirrors and Introspection

I looked at myself running today.  I think it's better that I don't.  Sometimes self-delusion is comfortable.  I would rather imagine that I look like the aforementioned Edwin Moses (aforementioned in previous posts and pics) with my feet barely touching the ground as I glide across the miles, rather than a profusely sweating, stumbling, bumbling, dood who is pounding the treadmill into an early death.  2.0 miles in 21:00 minutes.

Day 261 - Hominy and Grits

For some reason I get it into my head that every day I should have boundless energy, be in perfect condition, and feel like I'm moving faster than the speed of deep fried grits at the buffet at Cracker Barrel, instead of being beat down, exhausted by the day's events and relegated to waddling.  4.5 miles in 48:47.  First four in about 42, next half with my two boys in almost seven minutes.  But that includes time to explore strange looking lawn ornaments in yards that we passed....its the best!

Day 260 - chasing the triplets

So I am closing in on those three digits, three digits which will slowly be whittled down to two.  As in the number of digits in days remaining.  106 at the present time, thanks to the foul Leap Year!  Wretched Feb 29th be gone!  Anyways, ran 2.0 miles in 18:54 at the gymnos.  Felt pretty good, hey for at least one day I'm on track for the 2-5-2-5-2-12-2 =30 mile week.  We'll take it.  You know, the royal "We" of me, myself, and I.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week 37 - the week of the 8' furry banana

For an explanation of the title, see the previous post.

Mileage: 23.2
Time: 241:12
Avg mileage: 3.31
Avg time: 34:27
Avg pace: 10:23
Progressing avg miles: 1.975019

Year long totals:  
Total miles: 511.53
Total average time:22:02
Total average pace:  11:09

Year long projections
Mileage: 722.85707
Time: 8065:35

10:23 average pace is smokin'! You know for the dude who's packing an extra kilo or fifty...Broke the 500 mile mark which is nice, and I am oh so achingly close to that hallowed two miles / day average.  It has taken a long time to get it this close.  If I have another decent week we should hit borrow a line, waddle on...

Day 259 - put another log on the fire

OK so I thought I should probably give a little more detail in the title heading besides thenumber of the day.  Of course this suggests that there is some sort of variety or distinction in the post itself, which of course there is little.  And being the sardonic, wry, obtuse individual that I am, there will likely wind up being very little correlation between the title and post anyway.  All that to say that put another log on the fire has nothing to do with running two miles in 18:50 other than perhaps the metaphorical sense of igniting an enormous bonfire of athleticism through another daily run.  This bonfire grows with leaps and bounds, the tongues of flame incessantly reaching and striving to consume more and more fuel, as the immolation itself reaches to the stars in a futile act of combustion.  /end fruity metaphor text.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 258

Right so, it was supposed to be twelve, but it wasn't. It was supposed to get me to 30 miles and it didn't. It was supposed to be fun and it was far from it. However it is done, and I'm glad. Ten miles in 1:49 which was pretty good for me. I didn't get to leaving in time to run the twelve though I don't know if my motivation would have gotten me there. My eleven miles a couple of weeks ago was in 2:16 so I feel pretty good about the time. The day before I tweaked my hamstring and I could feel it pulling somewhat today so that isn't the most fun news, but we shall see how far things go.

p.s. I hit 500 miles for the year....

Day 257

Insert typical post about not having time to run and only getting in one mile late at night. OK done.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 256

Early morning run today on the tail end of the torrential downpour which has lasted through the night.  Not too cold, but still raining and water everywhere.  If I had time I would have gone down to the trail and creek and see how much water has gone through.  Instead just 2.2 in 22:34.  Its good to be crazy which is the word that would describe the looks I got while running.  

Day 255

So the plan this is week was 2, 5, 2, 5, 12, 2, 2.  With two miles in 19:15 (yeah I know, smoking hawt) I am one mile behind the plan.  Finished the last mile in about nine minutes.  I'm trying to get my base tempo up to at least 6mph 10 minutes/mile.  We shall see.

Day 254

Just your average everyday five miler today.  You know, because I can...50:14.  Getting the pace up again.  Watched the almost end of Red Sox - Tampa Bay.....

Day 253

OK so for some reason it wasn't until today, that I remember I'm part of this silly running in September challenge.  When you're trying to have the most miles of any month, its always a good idea to run barely 12...I of course had these thoughts after I ran one mile in 11 minutes today.  I kind of am planning to try and do a 30 mile week this week, we shall see.  I'm one mile behind already...

Week 36 Totals

Mileage: 12.5
Time: 144:50
Avg miles: 1.79
Avg time: 20:41

Yeah this was not a good start to the very prestigious, illustrious competition I am now a part of...

Day 252

Well things have not started well.  I got a little redemption today to somewhat salvage the week.  Ran four miles in forty eight minutes.  It was a tough uphill course and I didn't have much energy.  Late night of course, fog and waves of cascading drizzle were my only companions.  At least it was more than one mile.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 251

Yeah I know you're going to be shocked.  Brace yourself.  Seriously sit down right now.  I ran 1.1 miles in 12:30.  I know, amazing isn't it.  And I waited until 11:30pm at night!  Shocking really.  Hey did I mention I love running in forty mile per hour wind?  Its great.  Right.  Who am I?  What am I doing?  

Oh yeah I signed up for a mileage contest, ROFL.  Perfect timing.  8.35 miles this week so far, worries.

I'm on the elite list.  I think I'd better go find my shoes.

Day 250

So yeah huge milestone day, uncorked a huge run, right? World record?  What's that?  No, so it was at least ten miles ri--not ten miles, so a nice tempo run more than, ok well a speedy maintenance run, you're showing off your spe--one mile?  in over 14 minutes? uhh ok.  Hey guys tell the band to go home? yeah no, we won't be needing them today, yeah it's all cancelled...

Day 249

So I might as well copy the post from yesterday and paste it in today.  One mile in 10:20.  Stopped at the gym, was wearing the old shoes, so the shins are a little sore, but jumped on the treadmill and got in exactly one mile.  Not more, not less.  This is great.  The rationalizations are flying.  Well these short days will allow me to really crank a long one out tomorrow.  Yeah right.  I've been saying that for several days now.  
Rando thought, isn't it weird to watch other people type on their laptops?  Especially in a public place?  It sort of seems voyeuristic, like you shouldn't be watching...

Day 248

OK so the week is not going well.  It is late at night and I haven't run.  thus I run a mile in 11:30 and call it quits.  Tired, fatigued, unmotivated, its getting cold, have I whined enough yet?  Am I still really running?  It doesn't feel like it.  Today was supposed to be five miles, ha.  

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 247

Well I was thinking about getting in five, but time flew by again.  The motivation is lagging a bit at the present time.  It goes in cycles as most things do.  Ran 2.35 in 24:30.  I actually felt good.  It was the five mile energy expended over two miles.  I was flying.  I was running fast UP the hill.  I didn't stop.  It was all hills so I don't feel too bad about the time.  Evening late at night running is nice though its already getting cold.  Three cheers for summer, too bad it seems to be over.  Time to get back to the treadmill.  

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 246

Well I did my 2.05 miles in 23:30 and ran through the park that seems to be populated by drug dealers of late?  But the real thing to write is what I failed to mention on Monday.  She told me in no uncertain terms not to write anything but I can't help myself.  On Monday the wifey ran her THIRD marathon.  To me this is incredible.  Here is the marathon.  She had run this one two years ago and this is her first since the birth of our third child.  Amazing.  I am the extremely proud husband and captain of the support team.  Me and the chilruns were out with some serious signage, whistles, megaphones, and a cowbell.  I think we take the support team award for loudest, most visible, and perhaps most obnoxious.   It was a nice day though the organization wasn't great.  The race started 35 minutes late due to a bus mixup and when it wound up getting over 80 degrees I think all the runners were wishing they had started at the scheduled time.  The wifey ran great, despite having some serious stomach problems that kept her from goal time.  I think most people (including me) would have quit, but she pushed through the pain and finished strong.  We are very proud.  Keep on keepin' on, we're ready to cheer you on for the next one!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Week 35 totals

Total miles: 31.05!
Total time: 358:06 almost six hours..
Avg miles: 4.44
Avg time: 51:09
Avg pace: 11:31
Progressing avg miles: 1.94

Total mileage: 475.83
Total time: 5321:35
Total Avg time: 21:43
Total Avg pace: 11:11

Year long projections:
Mileage: 710.83
Time: 7949:47

Made the goal. Back to eight mile weeks? ;)
Sounds good to me. Either that or forty...

Day 245

And the day after... Needed 2.27 to make 30.97. It wound up being a glorified victory lap. Actually recovered well after the eleven yesterday and was walking tall. Knees "feel" sore or weak or used or something, but not a lot of pain to speak of. Ran 2.35 in 26:36. GG, winner winner chicken dinner. 31.05 for the weekly total. There was philosophical introspection I was thinking through as I ran this that I thought would be good to put on here, but I don't have the energy for that. Insert some long rambling thoughts on avoiding mediocrity, stepping on the gas to see what you have left in the tank, and pursuing excellence in this space. Great, you're all inspired now and can go do what you need to do. good on ya

Day 244

Pain and suffering, wailing and gnashing of teeth. I came prepared, two water bottles, a bottle of gatorade, towel, cliff blocks energy food/stuff, some jelly bean energy stuff, mp3 player, and a bad attitude. OK minus the attitude. I basically used up drink holders on two treadmills. This run did not go very well. I wanted to quit after one mile. After three miles I was ready to lay down and quit running for ever. Good thing there were supposed to be only nine more miles to go. I made 11 miles in 2:16. It wasn't the twelve it was supposed to be, but it was the best I could do. I think I could have crawled a couple more miles, but it would have been even less attractive than the first eleven were. The first six miles were completed in 64 minutes, the next five in seventy two. Yes there were walk breaks. And crawling breaks. And hey just one more mile arguments in my head. Overall getting to eleven was good for sort of bonking continually throughout the run. I estimate that I lost ten pounds, mostly of sweat through the run. Good times.

Day 243

Mass confusion and hysteria. OK not much hysteria. The whole long run thing didn't really work too well, so it didn't happen. It got to be late at night, and it was running into midnight and thus it was delayed. This however didn't work well for this whole 30.97 miles this week goal, so I had to run 4.2 today in order to keep the totals up. 49:36 I think was the time which is pretty darn slow. Some scary people out in our neighborhood around this time, caused me to change my route a couple of times. Well we'll see how this works with the long run coming very soon tomorrow.

Day 242

OK here comes the weekend update...Ran two miles in preparation for the long run tomorrow. Approximately 23 minutes, nice and slow. This is supposed to be a rest-ish day followed by twelve tomorrow.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 241

5.0 miles at the gym. Struggling, mostly cus of trying to keep the pace too fast for too long. 53:10. Not much else to say. Still have twenty miles to go for this four days....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 240

Ran 3.0 miles in 30:10. There was a "heavy" bio break after the first mile that isn't included. So I'm trying this 30.97 miles in one week thing. This will mean a really long run and one or two longer runs and then this base of at least three miles. I'm not sure about it, really. I'm wondering if there shouldn't be more "rest" days. Like of one mile. That would mean longer long runs, but would it be better on the wear and tear? Dunno. Hit the treadmill for this one. Probably could have done more, I just didn't have the want to, again.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 239

3.52 miles in 39:25. Ran three one mile loops and added a bit on at the end to make sure it was over a mile, but in turn made it a fair amount over a mile. I felt slow and strong. Strange combination. I'm supposed to average 4.4 miles a day in order to make 1000. I think I felt like I could have ran another lap, but I didn't really want to to be honest...Going up hills, walking up stairs today felt like no problem, not even breathing hard. At least I wasn't waddling as badly as yesterday.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

As a side note

Since the article in Runner's World recently about running skirts, the topic has been frequently addressed in our household. Thus I saw this race and had to share...

Need a Skirt? and a Race?

Week 34

Total mileage: 24.8
Total time: 278:52
Avg miles: 3.54
Avg time: 39:50
Avg pace: 11:14
Progressing avg miles: 1.87

Year long totals
Total mileage: 444.78
Total time: 4963:29 - 82 hours and 42 minutes
Total average time: 20:51
Total Average pace: 11:09

Year long projections:
Mileage: 683.99 miles
Time: 7632:55 minutes

So this is almost five miles more than my highest weekly total. Almost forty minutes/day average! Also six miles below the avg needed to hit 1000 miles. I think that is a pipe dream, but we will see how close we can get.

Day 238

Ran three miles. OK knees/legs/muscles are just sore. Not injured, just broken down/used from the ten miler yesterday. 34:52? Didn't have the watch on just used the time of songs on the mp3 player. Uphill on the way home like EVERY run in my neighborhood. Definitely something to keep in mind when buying a house in the future.
My kewl wife is coming up on her third marathon on Monday. She thinks this is no big deal, but I on the other hand think it is way kewl. p.s. I'm right.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 237

Long run. Yeah right. Ten miles 1:49:39. I was struggling. Tried to keep a stronger pace, but it resulted in more walking breaks. Did it on the treadmill which increases the boredom factor, despite men's water polo being on the TV, but also increases water availability factor which is nice.
This should be the most mileage of the week, but far below the needed average to reach some of these insane mileage goals I have been talking about.

Day 236

2.35 miles in 25:46. Ran the new extended version of the traditional loop. Late at night, I was pushing hard and finished. It was more than two miles, but not the needed three miles.

Day 235

Hey the family is camping. That means I nice run in the woods at 8,000 feet of elevation. Good times. Ran for 25 minutes I believe it was approximately 2.2 miles. We'll go with that. The first 100 meters were strangely painful, the uphill last half also wasn't necessarily a joy, but it is done.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 234

So after a nice long break (15 minutes) I decided to do the next day's run starting at 12:01 AM. My coach (my wife) demanded (suggested encouragingly) that I do ten miles of sprint workouts (run two more miles.) I clearly would have done this (I really didn't wan't to) except for the fact (clearly making things up) that during lap two of the first run, an enormous attack dog (a miniature toy dog not more than six inches high) attacked me brutally (ran alongside and kept running away from his house so I had to escort him back.) I took this as a sign that I should stop (nice excuse for quitting.)

The life of a waddler.

Day 233

Ran a new route. Started at 10:40pm and ran for an hour, I believe the distance was about 5.25 miles or so....Apparently I committed trespassing in an area with closed circuit cameras according to my wife, didn't really realize it. Oh well. A good misdemeanor is healthy every now and then right? I don't know if I really like running enough to log huge mileage numbers. I sort of get bored after a while. I want it to be over too much. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 232

Well I like living on the edge. I didn't run until 11:45 pm last night. Which means if for some reason, I stop, or get interrupted then the streak is over. Thus I ran with the "nothing's gonna stop me come hell or highwater" attitude, and a very plodding pace. Its getting cold which is not much fun. I am already having flashbacks of running in the parka, long pants, headlamp, and six inches of snow....should

1 mile - 11:35

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Week 33 totals

Total mileage: 16.35 miles
Total time: 183:56
Avg miles: 2.34
Avg time: 26:16
Avg pace: 11:14
Progressing avg miles: 1.82

Total mileage: 420

Well it wasn't the worst and probably not as much as I had dreamed. Sort of back on the wagon. I still have these crazy goals of like 750 miles for the year, but it is going to take more running than this...

Day 231

Check it fools. Two miles in 16:46. You like that? You want more? I got more for you, real special like. Stupid treadmill wouldn't go faster than 7.5 mph with my large and in charge self on it, lol. Oh well.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 230

So the running in the morning consistency didn't last too long. Back at it at night when the day is done. Two miles in 24:41 one lap I did with my five year old son who couldn't resist getting out and running. Are we creating a monster? The best part was that I was doing the .5 mile loop around our house at my children's request so that they could run alongside for a bit, cheer me on, and probably mostly postpone going to bed. So I left a bit before they came out to walk and then stretch, and as I was walking back the three year old and five year old were standing in the front yard. It was very dark and overcast so when they finally saw me coming they started yelling "That's my dad, here comes my dad!" There was something surreal about seeing/hearing two little lives yell that out, I never thought I'd hear that. There was also something obnoxious about it to our neighbors, but they'll just have to deal... :)

Day 229

Ran four miles. OK Colorado Springs has officially become Seattle, WA. Not that you care about weather stats, but we've had 7" of rain in the last ten days. K-razy. Thus I got to run in the rain again. Earlier in the day my wife had mentioned that a 4 mile loop that follows a trail along a ravine would be crazy due to the immense amounts of rain we have had and were having. Thus this determined my route for the day. Followed the path, there were a couple river fordings and such which were entertaining. The part that was not entertaining was my stomach. (Warning: disgusting discussion about to ensue.) So about a mile in, it hit. You know that, oh dang I need to use the can right now feeling. However in this case I told myself ahhh you can make it. Well truth is, I didn't make it. Thankfully I wasn't on a city street and had some smallish bushes to squat near, but the truth came out. Anyone else ever experience this? Does this count as a notch in my running belt? Yeah I'd go into the gory details, but nobody wants to hear that, or shake my hand in the near future... 4 miles in 48 minutes including "pit stop" time.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 228

Anyone else like running in the rain? My wife rain six miles as part of her marathon prep (she runs in about two weeks) and somehow hit the one hour this morning where it didn't rain. She was rather jealous and I don't blame her. There is something about splashing around as everyone drives to work around you that makes you feel like you are doing something a little crazy. Also it distracts from the whole running thing....I woke up late and thus only did one mile in about 10:30. Tried to do some surging/sprinting to justify in my mind the piddling distance. Heh. Ah well. I'm sure my turn in the corporate dunk tank which occurs later today will count for some invigoration, right?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 227

No energy. Still trying the run in the morning thing. Need to remember to at least drink something before I go. I was waddling. 2.35 miles in 27:13. Wasn't four miles, but it was more than one mile.

Day 226

Ran four miles, in the morning no less. 44:46. Ran the trail loop which was nice, got some sun (very slight sunburn of course,) and was done. Hey I can still run more than one mile.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 225

141 days to go. Today I am home in Colorado Springs and we had a family run! The wife did a 4 miler and we all joined her for the last mile. Two strollers three kids, one of them ran the whole way and two parents pushing them around in the CO heat which is much less than the Vegas heat, but still very sweat inducing. Only one mile, isn't my break over? ;) oh well....

Week 32 Totals

Total mileage: 8.85
Total time: 93:03
Avg miles: 1.264
Avg time: 13:17
Avg pace: 10:30
Progressing avg miles: 1.80

Ok this was a pitiful week, but it was a designated rest week. Didn't kill the average but time is running out.

Day 224

Moving day in Vegas. Heading home, yeah! Happy to see the fam, and happy to be away from the glut of people who are desperately trying to part ways with their money. :) 1.19 in 12:11. I was tempted to run more to try and bump the total mileage which will be ridiculously low, but I will listen to the coach.

Day 223

Changed the route a little bit again. Afternoon run and it is BLAZING. Tried to stay in the shade and ran along the back side of hotels where all the employees are coming in and out. 1.3 in 14:00 or so. Had to be about 115. I went and jumped in the pool afterwards. Very nice, but still very hot.

Day 222

Does this count as a milestone 222? Ran the loop, slowly. Just tired and worn out from the conference/travel/etc. 13:11.

Update: Well actually it does count as a milestone. How is that for funny? One of these typical, sick of this posts and runs and it was my 400th mile for the year! Rather ignominious I must say.

Day 221

Altered the route a bit, but it was mostly the same. Went around some condemned buildings and such and then came back the same way as before. Someone asked me how far I had run. Why do they ask when I've only run 1.19? Why not when I've run 10? oh well. 12:35. Dogging it.

Day 220

OK I got a little adventurous. This was an afternoon run and I started to explore a bit. I've never been over to the Wynn hotel so I just decided I was going to run there. Did so, walked through the casino/shops area, (gee it looks just like every other casino/shops area on the strip I've ever seen (ok maybe not the same as the World Trade Center hotel (R.I.P.) that place had adhesive price tags on everything - including the marble lion statues out front)) and then ran back, even ran a bit on the strip and did the whole dodge/pedestrians/cars/hand billers/and police on bikes game. It keeps you on your toes. 1.6 in 16:57. At least one mile was continuous....

Day 219

Ok despite my attempts in the past at "gold standards" and the like I'm taking a week off. OK not really, but I will be listening to my "coach" and only running near the bare minimum for a week. Hopefully my foot will feel a little better. We shall see. I'm into the morning running while I'm in Vegas though I'd better make it before the 9am that was today because 9am still equals >100 degrees. 1.19 miles in 12:15.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 218

Same route, same time, didn't get up. Still cloudy so not unbearably hot. 1.19 miles in 11:54.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Week 31 Totals

Total mileage: 11.19
Total time: 126:41
Avg miles: 1.6
Avg time: 18:05
Avg pace: 11:19
Progressing avg miles: 1.83.

Ok this was a chincy/slacker week. What can you say other than it is done.

Day 217

I'm in Las Vegas for a week, and I'm sick. Fever and brain-splitting headache. Took some tylenol, slept for a couple hours in the middle of the afternoon and then went out for a run. The one nice thing about running in Las Vegas is that it is flat, pretty much everywhere. The bad things include, heat, trash, drivers with a palpable death wish for a pedestrian, crime, heat, and more heat. Even in the evening with 100% cloud cover it was HOT. However I did have a first. It rained. In the desert. Admittedly it was only a sparse few droplets, but I did feel it. That is the first time I have ever seen rain in all the times I have been here. Wild, wacky stuff. One mile or so in 12:13.

Edit: 1.19 miles according to gmaps.

Day 216

Back to one mile. Ok I have been convinced by my wife to rest a bit. 11:00. Probably makes sense, but it ain't going to help the average.

Day 215

Ran five miles in 51:00. Had to try and up the mileage a little bit after the ridiculous one miles four times in a row. On the treadmill.

Day 214

Ran one mile again. Got to the end of the day and there just wasn't much time. Knee is sore. The bottom of my right foot is REALLY sore and has been that way for a week. 10:24.

Day 213

Ran one mile again. No time for anything else. 11:00.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 212

Why is it that as you get older the soreness kicks in later and then lasts longer? Well I can figure out the last longer thing. Ran one mile in 10:00. Was going to do more, but I was not feeling well. Mostly just really sore. Also have some nice road rash on my leg from sliding into a base at the last softball game last night.
I guess these are my two rest days for the next five months.

Day 211

Ran one mile at the gym in 11:04. A little sore, but really not too bad.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Week 30 Totals

Mileage: 21.15
Time: 241:05
Avg miles: 3.02
Avg time: 34:26
Progressing avg miles: 1.83

Total mileage: 383.59
Total time: 4280:57 (71.3 hrs+)

Year long projections
Mileage: 668.54
Time: 7461:05

All records for me this year. First week averaging more than 3 miles per week. Pace was slow, but oh well. I finished.

Day 210

Day 210 I guess is appropriate. Ran 10 miles in 2:06. That includes stop and drink and eat breaks of which there were two for about 6 minutes total. I would get all punk and antagonistic at this point, but I'm too sore for that nonsense. What else to say?
That is more miles in one day than several of my first weeks running. yippee skip.
Then there is today...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 209

2.35 in 26:55. Again I felt like running 13.1. (Half-marathon.) I like running at night, in the dark. Especially in the summer where it is cool and you can wear a t-shirt and shorts, no parka and headlamp to see the ice. I also like it because no one else is out there. No other idiots are dumb enough probably. But it feels like you are by yourself. Something I like. Living in the city it is VERY hard to get away from people, but somehow it feels like you are by yourself running outside at night, on a summer evening. American Pie (Don McLaren) seems to resonate even more...I actually felt/pretended that I was running fast. Trees, signs, things were zooming past me as I cruised into the night. No one there just me. Strange, this was almost an enjoyable experience...;)

Day 208

Ran 1 mile in 10:10. Felt like running ten, not really time to do that. I'd rather play with my kids sometimes than be out away from them. First 1/2 in 6 minutes, second 1/2 hard as possible in 4:10. Just a wee bit slower than running the 800 in H.S. and running 2:20. Oh well, closer than 208 days ago I suppose.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 207

See below....

Day 206 - A Madman's walk

I almost combined this post with next one. Continuing the theme of crazy ideas, I've had this idea for a while now and I gave it a try last night. The standards for the streak are one continuous mile each day. So I decided, I would start running about 11pm yesterday and just keep running until I ran a mile today as well. So I ran 47 minutes on 7/24 approx. 4.2 miles (yes I was waddling) and 20 minutes and 1.5 miles on 7/25. And I'm done! Though I will say eating a large meal prior to the run did not help my digestive system throughout the night.../pain. also I listened to a song called "I was" which has a first stanza that is now my official crazy midnight crossover run soundtrack. I'll have to look for the lyrics....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 205

Well as has occurred previously many times, I didn't get around to running until about 11pm tonight. I think my neighbors think I'm crazy, or they would if they were awake. Ran one mile, so much for six. Actually might have been 1.1 woot. Iced leg yesterday so bruise softball mark wasn't too bad.

Running at night seems to be my MO for this. I started off that way, because I didn't really want people to SEE me run, it was sort of embarassing. However I am now accepting of my waddling, and it is speeding up a little so... there ya go.

Day 204

Ran 2.0 in twenty minutes. Softball game tonight to follow. -- Softball game was fun except for the liner I took off the lower leg, at least it didn't hit the bone...should have some nice black and blue for a while.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crazy idea

So I have this crazy idea. I have had it several times but I keep telling myself its not possible, and it really probably isn't, but I'm just going to write it down to remind myself that I've had the thought. No commitment ftw. I would like to run 1000 miles this year. Currently through 29 weeks I have run 362.44. This does not bode well. That means for 23 remaining weeks I have to cover 637.56. That is 27.72 miles / week and 3.96 miles / day. The most miles I have had for any week is 20.2. To this point I have been averaging 1.7 miles per day (though the average has been increasing; 2.25 miles /day for the last 9 weeks.) However I am a year older and wiser so maybe that will help? I'm just's a nice round number.

Week 29

Day 197-203

Total mileage: 16.6
Total time: 168:31
Average mileage: 2.37
Average time: 24:04
Avg pace: 10:09
Progressing avg miles 1.79

So this was my fastest avg pace by far! I'm smoking. Need to increase distance. No more of this sub-20 mile weeks....

Day 203

OK I was lazy today. I actually felt good, feet didn't really hurt a lot, except for one thing....chafing. Forgot the stupid Body Glide, which unfortunately doesn't appear to help much unless you actually apply it. So I ran one mile in ten minutes. Yeah I know I'm a lamez0r.

I ran next to a student I taught in high school. She is married and has a job. I feel old.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 202

6.0 miles in 59:26. 5 10 minutes miles and the last mile in 9:26. Eat that. No breaks, no walking just running and drinking water at the same time. and watching the pilsbury bake off on tv. for the record I thought salmon pastries with dill should have won, though double peanut butter delight looked tasty.

why do they play the food network on workout machines at a gym? nonsense.

Hey, I just got older.

Day 201

1.1 in 13:28. done.

Day 200

Well I had grandiose ideas as to what I was going to do for this day. None of them materialized. At work we took an afternoon ice cream break across the street, however once we got over there a downpour of rain started and so we decided to wait it out. and wait and wait and wait. Not a typical CO rainstorm, so I decided to walk/run back across get my car and bring everyone back. Needless to say I was drenched. Driving back I decided, running in the rain is fun, so I changed and did the run. 2.0 in 18:42. It was almost fun, if my heels didn't hurt.

Day 199

Ran 1.4 in 15:46.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I like this kind of stuff....

Find all the excuses you need

Additional issues

OK this is just stinkin' hilarious.

Oooh I never posted my pics of the bloody shirt, I'd better get on that!

An important topic

This is more than a little funny to me...though its not funny during the time it happens.....foh shoh...

A runner's malady.....

Day 198

Ran at the gym. Didn't want to. My motivation is low. Wanted to just not do it or just be done. Ran 3.1 miles in 29:39 which is my fastest in the new J-era. That included one minute of walk break, not bad. why do I do these things? I do not know...

Day 197

Mixed feelings. Ran two miles in loops around our house. My boys always ask if they can cheer me on. They like to wait by the front step then when I waddle by they cheer and yell Go Daddy and then run with me for a little while. If that isn't motivational I don't know what is! Nana actually asked me yesterday if I would run at night so they could cheer. If they are in their bed when I am running then they cheer out the window it is fun. 21:30. Post-run IBS, fun!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Week 28 totals

Total mileage: 18.2
Total time: 203:25
Avg mileage: 2.6
Avg time: 29:03
Avg pace: 11:10 - slow!
Progressing avg miles: 1.76

Mileage projections for the year: 645.8

good intentions, just didn't get it done
and did it very slowly

Day 196

Went to the gym planning to do a four miler so that I would hit 21.2 miles for the week and have a record. Treadmills were full, with many out of order. Bleh. Rode a bike for a few minutes while waiting. Bleh. Left. Disgusted. Came home because we were having company. Four miles ain't happening so I ran one mile as fast as I could. 9:19 into strong headwinds and on hills. It ain't 8:44 but it is fast for me. No record, just another day down.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 195

Ran four miles in 47 minutes. The loop that hits north carefree. very long steep hills. I didn't stop I POWERed up the hills. Still very slow, every step is painful. Knees/heels. Fun stuff. Late at night so at least it was cool and the sky was beautiful - dusk and such.

Day 194

Church picnic at Fox Run park. Ran about 1.7 miles after all the running around, playing football, tug-o-war, etc. Twas hot and dusty on the dirt road and very hilly. I really don't like the hilly were it is a steep short downhill that you have to go slow on anyways because it is so steep and then the rest is uphill. 20 minutes.

Day 193

Ran four miles on the treadmill again. 45 minutes. Took a one minute walk break after three miles. Sorry I was tired. Watched some dumb financial shows while running. Those things are mind numbing.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 192

Ran four miles at the gym in 43:46? Sometimes it just seems to take forever. Wanted to stop, but I didn't.

Day 191

Ran 2.5 miles in laps around the house. 26:50? My kewl family cheered me on. I would have done 4 miles except I kept getting interrupted by IBS. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome.) Let me just say this is not a pleasant thing to try and run with, and let me also say that I ran laps around the house instead of heading out on a long loop as I would have been squatting multiple times by the edge of the road. How is that for an attractive image in your head?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 190

One mile in 11:30 before the softball game. Hey we won! 9-8. The 1.5 year streak of losing softball games is over...
yeah us

Week 27 totals

Week 27 totals
Day 183-189
Day 189=7/7/08

Mileage: 14.45
Time: 157:00
Avg miles: 2.06
Avg time: 22:25
Avg pace: 10:51
Progressing avg miles: 1.73

Total mileage: 327.64
Total time: 61 hours and seven minutes.

Year long projection for miles - 634.48

I would like that year long projection to be short by about one hundred miles, but that would mean I need to get my rump in gear....
At this point is going to take a bunch more miles to get things above a daily average of 2.0

Day 189

Back home and back on the old route. I was mad when I started this. Ran the old school loop 1.6 miles in 18:00. It was late, after fourteen hours of driving. OK now my hip hurts like the dickens, charles that is. Great.

Day 188

Trying to keep this 2 mile minimum thing going that will never happen. 2.0 in 20:30, ran outside at Melissa's parents house. Ran over the via dock by the slough. Saw some deer, it was hot.

Day 187

My wife is running twelve miles on the trails around the cabin and so I ran out with her for the first two miles and then ran back, four total in 45:00. Then I hopped on the four wheeler and took her some water and food. She is amazing. Did I mention she ran about 9:40 miles for her 12 mile run? I lost her a couple times on the trails because she was way past where I thought she would be. Also she makes cool directional signs with rocks and sticks so I know where she went...she=kewl.

Day 186

2.0 miles in 22:30. Ran at the cabin. It was early and cool and I barely broke a sweat. Can you imagine? Me running two miles and barely breaking a sweat? It was nice. P.S. that is good because I won't be taking a shower for the next two days.....

Day 185

Ran a longer loop around the lake and through the Big Sky resort. 1.5-6 in 16:30. It was nice. Having a different route and being outside when it is nice and where the ground isn't too hard is nice.

Day 184

Ran 2.0 in 21:00 on the treadmill again. Hit the outdoor pool and mega-hot tub afterwards. :) It was nice. Its right in front of a huge mountain ftw.

Day 183

Ran around the lake in front of our condo at Big Sky. 1.25 miles in 13:30. It was rather pleasant. One thing I despise and find very rude. Whe